3 impressive Exposit projects built for Sports & Healthcare industry

Information technologies have a great impact on Healthcare industry development and digitalization. Since 2012 we have completed a number of Sports & Healthcare projects considering specifics of the industry. Now we are ready to share 3 Healthcare projects we are proud of.


We have worked on Physiapp for several months and developed a mobile app to help physical therapy patients recover faster. Application allows to track patient’s everyday activity and build a custom exercise plan based on a patented MD-certified algorithm. Users have an easy access to a database of video exercises and can track their progress on the go.

Exposit engineers developed the Hybrid application using React Native and PHP. React Native technology allows users to enjoy the application on any mobile devices. Recovery results are achieved through a combination of the several features:

  • Update of patient today’s status (pain level, simple questionnaire, functional limitations percentage);
  • Exercise screen with video and audio presentation;
  • Patient’s progress tracking;
  • Custom exercise plan based on a proprietary algorithm;
  • Positive feedback indicator when a user progresses from one level to the next;
  • Graphs with metrics of the recorded activity.

Easy access to exercises and visual progress helps to achieve recovery results faster. We also provided QA services during the project. All the functionality was covered by tests, regression testing was performed.

Meditation guide

Meditation guide has become one more application where we have implemented AI technologies. It is a mindfulness meditation app to control stress and anxiety, driven by machine learning algorithm. The mobile app is designed to track mood and health considering all improvements that happen over time. The application chooses the most effective meditation program according to the individual set of parameters based on chosen meditation time (three-to-ten minute) and user meditation experience. The mood tracking technology helps the application adjust to the user’s patterns and serve his emotional state.

Our AI-driven app is based on iOS platform. The application includes the functionality to reduce stress, improve attention skills and enhance relationships:

  • Ability to subscribe to a wide range of meditation channels;
  • Implemented auto-renewable subscription — it disables the Ads and unlocks all the extra features after successful subscription;
  • Interactive dashboard visualizing users improvement;
  • Gratitude journal creation;
  • Daily reminders including notifications for mindful breathers for keeping its user centered;
  • Ability to schedule meditations and set special time for weekends;
  • Integration with Apple Health;
  • Registration via social media or email and 3-day Free Trial after sign up.

Even our engineers started to feel healthier and happier using Meditation guide 3 minutes a day.

Football Trainer

Football Trainer became one more application in our media streaming experience. More than 2 years we had been creating a training system with game video capture, transformation and playback capabilities and it was approved by american football coaches. It is a training system, which provides live video streaming, video tagging, transformation and playback capabilities.

Exposit’s engineers created custom Web, iOS and desktop apps providing effective team management and game execution thanks to video streaming technology. Implemented functionality:

  • Sending live and on-demand videos from cameras to iPad and Mac with HTTP Live Streaming technology;
  • Capturing, playing back video in 10 Bit HDMI and analog video editing in SD and HD using BlackMagic Design Intensity Shuttle;
  • Adding tags (markers of the important match moments) to videos and creating video segments;
  • Video capturing and playback management — convenient viewing of the live video, accessing to the previously recorded video and browsing it by timeline, exact tags-based positioning, and ability to “jump” to specific video fragments divided by tags.

Media streaming gives a lot of improvements for Sports & Healthcare industry including live video translations, online appointments and easy access to useful live media.

We are happy to deliver software solutions bringing new opportunities to the Healthcare industry. If you need to develop Healthcare software project from scratch or improve the existing functionality, we would like to hear from you.




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IT solutions company delivering custom web & mobile software.

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