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Basic IT terms

The pandemic has definitely become a trigger to find new ways of running businesses and start the digital transformation.

For example, IDC predicts that 52% of global GDP will be driven by “digitally transformed” enterprises by 2023.

But if you have no experience and want to change your business, what…

The coronavirus pandemic keeps bringing new trends and innovations in the technology industry, including UI and UX design evolution. As the worldwide lockdown promotes digitalization, businesses should be more creative than ever before, finding new ways to attract and retain customers. UI&UX design is one such area of focus.

What are the directions for UI&UX design in 2022?


ECG digitization

Computer Vision is one of the fastest-growing areas of Artificial Intelligence: by 2022, the Computer Vision and hardware market are expected to reach $48.6 billion.

This technology opens new ways of visual data understanding and analysis and gives computers the ability to “see” useful information. …

Historical Reference

The Jewish people have always been an integral part of Belarusian history. At the beginning of the 20th century, up to 60% of the total urban population of Belarus were Jews, who made a great contribution to Belarusian culture and the development of Belarusian society.

The Second World…

Web development trends

The year 2022 will continue to be characterized by digital transformation and rapid development of technologies: according to Statista, around half of the surveyed companies state that they want to differentiate themselves from competitors with their planned digital investments, including the development of trendy web applications.

Today, companies invest huge…

Jira is widely known as a highly effective tool for controlling the company’s internal procedures, including project and task management for teams. It offers users a wide range of convenient tools to plan, track, and report on work, saving time for your employees and improving their efficiency.

In addition, if…

vr in healthcare

Virtual Reality immerses users in a three-dimensional computer environment and allows them to interact with the virtual world. This technology is most often associated with entertainment, but VR also opens up new prospects and opportunities for Education, Design, Architecture, Retail, and Healthcare.

Today, Virtual Reality is becoming increasingly widespread in…

The interest in video conferencing applications is related to the global lockdown: according to a report published by Research and Markets, in March 2020, video conferencing apps saw a record of 62 million downloads. …

UI&UX design process

UI&UX is an essential part of the software product development process. A properly structured approach to design will allow you to increase the usability of your software and make end-users fall in love with your product.

The Exposit team provides customers with web and mobile app design services for creating…

Computer vision in retail

Today, companies use various methods of collecting and analyzing customer data to remain competitive. One of the ways to obtain useful information about your clients is to apply computer vision tools.

According to the RIS News’ 2021 Retail Technology Study, 10% of merchandisers have already leveraged computer vision technology but…


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