AI-driven mobile solutions: what makes an app intelligent

Intelligent apps are driven by Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning algorithms and Natural Language Processing. Such platforms provide users with advanced functionality and personalized experience. Intelligent apps are smart, contextual and proactive, they improve performance and increase efficiency. They are also constantly learning from user interactions being able to adapt to the behavior of every user. What features make a mobile app intelligent?

  • Big Data Analytics
    Intelligent applications should be data-driven to provide personalization experience, accurate predictions and suggestions. It will help your application to identify meaningful patterns using machine learning algorithms and provide predictive analysis based on pre-known conditions. This way you can automate daily business processes and improve your marketing strategies.

Intelligent apps can accelerate daily processes and improve user experience in different spheres of our lives. Let’s have a look at some industry use cases:

  • Healthcare
    Intelligent apps are powerful solutions for wearable devices and personal care. They can help users to measure, track and visualize data as well as give predictions and recommendations based on it. For example, the Meditation guide app allows users to control stress and anxiety providing personalized meditations depending on mood and state.

You can also implement intelligent applications in Energy, FinTech, Travel, Real Estate and other industries.

The future of mobile app development is inextricably linked with Machine Learning and Augmented Reality. Intelligent apps can improve business processes in Enterprise as well as provide a unique personal experience in Entertainment, Healthcare and Education. If you need an innovative mobile solution meeting your business needs and goals, Exposit Machine Learning Engineers are always ready to help you.



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