Atlassian Marketplace: why your product needs Atlassian integration

Benefits for teams using Atlassian Marketplace add ons

  • Having all things connected in one place
    Integration with Atlassian allows you to have all project data in one place. Team members will no longer have to search across the emails and numerous folders, they will have real-time view and keep the information up-to-date.
  • Getting seamless workflow
    Thanks to the integration, teams can organize projects efficiently, assign people to specific tasks, minimize interruptions, optimize communication and automate processes. Consequently, it will enhance the productivity of your employees and the workflow of your company.
  • Improving agility
    Switching back and forth between applications or moving data from one app to another reduces your overall performance. The possibility to fulfill the tasks more quickly and accurately within one working space improves the flexibility of project workflow and agility of team members.
  • Increasing project management transparency
    Transparency makes the project team feel better and work better. Through integration, teams can visualize all projects, break them down into separate work items and keep real-time track of them.

When your users benefit from your product, your business benefits double

  • Expansion of the audience
    Atlassian community is very big and brings together a lot of people from different industries. Over 200,000 customers use Atlassian products in their daily working processes everyday. Integration with Atlassian is a perfect chance for your business to increase reach and your brand awareness.
  • Gaining the competitive advantage
    Investing in facilities like software integration delivers a superior experience to your customers and may often become the determining factor in preferring you over your competitors. Keep up with the market trends and stay competitive!

Is integration always a good idea?

  • Automation
    Not always automation in ready-made tools does good. In some cases, some data needs to be processed manually. In a customized integration, you can specify which processes will be synchronized automatically and also who will have access to different levels of the information.
  • Size of integration
    When planning an integration, always consider the amount of information that will be migrated. Not all the ready-made plugins are suitable for this. In this case, you need expert companies that can provide a full-cycle custom integration.
  • Scalability
    When starting an integration, leave space for growth. For example, in a client-oriented company, the number of customers grows every year. Therefore, be sure to have the resources to expand when needed.
  • Support
    When something goes wrong, whom to ask for support? If it is an off-the-shelf tool, you will have to be content with standard support agents’ answers. Sadly, standard doesn’t mean client-oriented. If it is a custom-based solution, the solution provider will offer a solution to your issue.



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