Comparing cooperation models offered by Exposit

Any software development project, whether it’s a Mobile, Web or Enterprise application, has its own requirements and business goals. They determine what cooperation model would be the most suitable.

Exposit offers two models of cooperation to achieve the most successful results:

  • If you need to develop a project from scratch or complete an existing one we offer Fixed Price or Time & Material as part of Project Development. In this model of cooperation we are responsible for the full range of services including PM, BA, QA and Design;
  • If you need specific specialists who will be fully concentrated only on your projects you should work with Dedicated Team. In this case development team is managed from your side and doesn’t take part in third-party projects and tasks.

Project Development

If you have an idea of developing a project from scratch or you need a project finalization, Project Development model will be the right decision. It can become an ideal solution when you want to outsource software development to free up time for your business development. This way you entrust management of the project to Exposit. Thus, our Project Managers plan activities, coordinate teamwork and control product compliance with requirements. Team Leads are responsible for assigning tasks to developers and timely deliveries.

In terms of Project Development you can choose from two options: Fixed Price or Time & Material pricing models.

  • Fixed Price
    If costs and schedule are known and determined in advance then you can use Fixed Price model. In this case all stages of work, results, time and costs are determined in advance and stipulated in the contract. For projects with clear fixed requirements, strict deadlines and limited or fixed budgets Fixed Price model is a perfect solution. It is especially useful in small projects or MVPs with a limited project scope. Fixed Price model gives you predictability of timing, budget and project results. It can help to cut risks thanks to accurate estimation.
  • Time & Material
    When it is difficult to define the full scope of work or timing before the project starts we would recommend to use Time & Material. In this case you will pay only for the actually realized tasks according to the time spent despite the number of changes that may occur in the requirements. It perfectly suits long-term Agile project development with dynamic requirements. This way you would be able to change the project scope or vary the workloads. Time & Material cooperation model allows you to start with partially defined requirements.

Dedicated Team

The Dedicated Team model is suitable when you already have a project but need to integrate specific resources to refine the functionality or want to enforce a distributed team. It may perfectly suit for Agile product development and regular support where you directly manage and coordinate the engineering team. The client handles ensuring the workload during the hours specified in the Statement of Work. As a bonus Dedicated Team cooperation model allows you to take free trial (up to 5–6 hours) to understand services’ quality and team skills.

If you want to learn more about Exposit working process within different cooperation models, please follow the link.




IT solutions company delivering custom web & mobile software.

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IT solutions company delivering custom web & mobile software.

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