Computer Vision development services: a brief introduction

Adoption of cutting-edge technology like Computer Vision often may seem challenging for decision-makers. Business people spend a lot of time carefully evaluating the ability to get continuous value from new technology, avoid insufficient spending and ensure long-lasting wise investment in innovation.

One of the best ways to start is to gather the correct information and understand what services you need from technology providers and the responsibilities of stakeholders at every stage of the adoption process. A clear understanding of the scope, results, and values each service involves can help you be on the same page with your future technology partners and optimize your budget.

Being experts in AI and Computer Vision, we have described the main Computer Vision services to help you understand key activities, goals, and outcomes at every stage of your digital transformation journey, making your decision-making process about Computer Vision more predictable.

Computer Vision development services: overview

The decision on what services you need to achieve your goals depends, first of all, on where you are and what you have right now. Whether you have a package of artifacts or just a brief idea of your project, an experienced IT provider can offer you a combination of services that will be a perfect match.

While surfing the Internet, you can find a million and one variations on what CV services can include. That can often become a reason for misunderstanding and can make you feel confused about finding the difference between CV services, capabilities, approaches, solutions, and so on. These terms are, for sure, interrelated in every company providing Computer Vision expertise for business. However, they are not the same thing.

Our team identifies two main Computer Vision services as Consulting & Research and Delivery. This combination allows you to implement a project from idea shaping to a launched solution. We also offer our customers who have already started using CV an additional group of services: CV Data & Infrastructure services that involve Data Management and MLOps.

Let’s find out the key aspects and values of each service.

CV Consulting & Research

Consulting & Research is a perfect start for customers who have just an idea. The process involves open discussion of fundamental business goals and brainstorming with stakeholders to clarify needs and identify uncertainties. Then a team explores the collected data and investigates possible approaches to resolving the initial business challenge.

Consulting & Research activities help a team to validate basic hypotheses, select an optimal solution and build a strong foundation for the implementation of the system. If we have tested the selected hypothesis successfully, found and selected the good idea for project implementation, we are ready for great things — the delivery stage (we will tell you more about it below).

At the end of Consulting & Research phase, service performers can find out that CV can’t cover the initial client’s needs or the accuracy of results doesn’t meet the expectations. In case of unsatisfactory results, a team can also propose you solve the case in Research & Development format. Notice that it can be an expensive and long-duration issue, as it is scientific research.

CV Consulting & Research is suitable not only for shaping an idea: it can also be helpful when your inputs are not enough to start or when the pre-estimation of your project exceeds the budget. A professional team will identify strengths and weaknesses in documentation and solution scope, propose an optimized project pipeline, and save your time, money, and, what’s more, nerves.

Service Outputs

  • Ballpark estimation;
  • Draft backlog and roadmap;
  • Exploration report with a defined and proven approach for solving discovery issues;
  • Experiment report;
  • If possible, a workable core feature.

Service Outcomes

Consulting & Research allow you to test the viability of your idea before you invest in the development of a fully-featured solution. As a result, you will understand if CV is suitable for solving your business challenge and make an informed Go/No-Go decision.


When you are fully prepared for starting the development phase, you are ready to get delivery services. It usually involves the following activities:

  • MVP development to prove product feasibility through training ML models;
  • Designing and engineering MLOps architecture, its further integration into a client’s business processes or product and maintenance.

Service Outputs

  • Launched solution;
  • User guidance;
  • Feeling of happiness and satisfaction 🙂

Service Outcomes

Getting the ready-to-go CV solution and a clear understanding of the next steps provides economies of scale and contributes to strengthening the business strategy with the following value options:

  • Lower costs;
  • Increase in revenue and competition;
  • Business growth and scaling.

CV Data & Infrastructure Services

Additional services connected with data and infrastructure management are aimed at solving issues in the existing customers’ solutions. For example, you already have pre-trained models but don’t get the expected results or don’t get value on a regular basis. The reason can be datasets problems, integration issues, data insecurity, or incorrect migration to the cloud.

Usually, such issues can be solved with the following CV services:

  • Data Quality and Master Data Management;
  • MLOps (yes, it is like DevOps for cool AI-driven organizations);
  • Scaling from an MVP to a fully-featured solution.

Data Quality and Master Data Management

Some of our customers face challenges with the quality of datasets they use to train models. It leads to inaccurate outcomes and negatively impacts further business transformation.

Data Quality and Management services help to rectify the situation with a range of activities:

  • Analysis of existing dataset;
  • Data mining;
  • Compilation of data collection rules;
  • Re-markup/markup improvement;
  • Creation of a script for data collection;
  • Preparation of synthetic data.

The data-centric approach is crucial in AI adoption, so the more attention you put to incoming data, the more accurate results you will achieve.

Service Outputs

  • Rules for the dataset creation;
  • High-quality datasets.


Customers who have a working solution providing quality results sometimes can’t get the most of their solution due to infrastructure issues: the systems they use are not connected and don’t work as a single organism. The reason can be a wrongly designed architecture or challenges in the deployment of models in cloud storage (e.g., AWS, Azure, GCP).

The MLOps team can help you develop communication between data researchers, data engineers, application owners, and infrastructure owners. Workflow automation, versioning, promotion, computing resource management, monitoring, scaling, and configuration are the main responsibilities of MLOps.

Service Outputs

  • Migration of models to the cloud;
  • Efficient solution architecture;
  • Solution Pipeline.

CV Data & Infrastructure Services Outcomes

CV Data & Infrastructure services primarily aim to increase your system’s performance and improve the accuracy of results. It also helps you build a working pipeline that leads to a working and non-disruptive system that ensures the seamless operation of the business.

Anything else?

All right, you are all set. Now you are prepared for starting a constructive discussion with potential solution providers and choose the one who helps you make the business transformation successful. Whether criteria you have in mind while selecting a reliable IT partner, let us share our last piece of advice.

Get all Computer Vision development services under one roof

Cooperating with the same technology partner throughout your adoption journey is like having a family doctor: your provider knows your entire transformation story with pains, needs, and unique business characteristics, allowing you to get the right solution faster and receive the prescription for the future.

Exposit can become a family doctor for your business. Our professional team of Computer Vision experts can develop a personal care plan, put your project on a DIET, and make your transformation healthy. If you want to learn more, just visit our Computer Vision page or contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.




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