Exposit design process steps: how to create perfect UI&UX

UI&UX design process

4 steps of the human-centered design process used by Exposit


Step 1: Studying the target audience

  • User personas
    User personas represent different types of people for whom designers make a design. Creating user personas allows design specialists to determine the characteristics and basic information about your potential users, including their age, education, and profession.
  • Empathy maps
    Empathy maps are widely used by designers as a powerful, fundamental tool for a deep understanding of users or personas and determining their needs and priorities.
    Traditional empathy maps are divided into 4 quadrants:
    1. What a user says;
    2. What a user thinks;
    3. What a user sees;
    4. What a user hears.
    Additionally, designers can supplement the map with users’ problems, fears, and expectations.
Empathy map
  • Customer journey map
    A customer journey map is a scheme that illustrates the steps that users or personas go through when interacting with your product. Creating this map will help you understand what users feel at all stages of contact with your app and find ways to boost customer satisfaction.

Step 2: Creating wireframes, mockups, and prototypes


Step 3: Design

Design for arterio

Step 4: Presenting the results

Product design process
ui ux design process



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