How can broadcasting apps help you streaming to social?

3 min readDec 4, 2018


Over the last few years live video and audio streaming has become a mainstream. It allows exploring the world through someone else’s eyes. Majority of apps allow you to stream live media across many platforms from different camera sources.

The most convenient and powerful tool for streaming media is of course a smartphone. Periscope, Facebook Live, Instagram, Livestream, YouTube and Twitch are around popular broadcasting applications. Live streaming became essential in modern social life and it is still growing in popularity. For example, daily watch time for Facebook Live broadcasts has grown by more than 4x.

What is changing and why now?

What ways broadcasting trend can help you streaming to social?


Live broadcasting is not so much about selling products but about close connection with audience. It is a fast and easy way to both give information to your target audience and gather data needed for business development. Live streaming apps allow viewers to join anytime you are on-air. Thanks to live interaction functions like online chats, likes, shares you can get instant feedback and improve your services. Quick responses to the viewers will give them feeling of importance and support.

Producing authentic content

From a content standpoint, live media is considered to be authentic and natural, not polished. Here we can see a backstage of workflow, an intimate conversation, a tutorial, a presentation of a new product or a technical interview. Even the vibe of live video can be transformed during the session. Media streaming apps can be helpful when you need to make closed commercial streams like presenting demo and interviewing. These cases show that live content is not only authentic but also secure. Broadcasting apps give you an opportunity to use camera in your personal unique way.


The main benefit of live streaming is bridging the gap between business and pleasure. Connection between a person who is on-air and viewers here is simple, enjoyable and deep. It also gives an ad-free engaging experience that is a big advantage for the audience tired of unwanted advertisement. It’s much more convenient to use live streaming apps to make online appointments with a doctor, pass online courses or training lessons, view sport or cyber sport events, etc.

New Look Marketing Strategy

Presence of live video option on social platforms changes marketing strategies of businesses instantly. Increasing sales through the better connection with customers is a long-term process. So don’t expect any quick win for sales. Although broadcasting is a great example of inbound marketing that is focused on current and potential clients. Real-time promotion is an effective tool for business. Growing your audience via live streaming requires being confident and inspiring influencer. You should think social and be yourself to make your audience trusting.

By using media streaming apps you can produce unique content and make it beneficial for your business. Modern streaming applications allow doing it directly from your smartphone that is easy and enjoyable for both you and your audience. So don’t waste time and start your live streaming experience today to be closer to social tomorrow. Exposit can provide you with the complete package that would enable you to broadcast live & on-demand media content.




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