How to communicate with stakeholders in IT projects efficiently

Types of communication

Internal communication

External communication

How to ensure the high quality of communication between stakeholders in software project?

  • Set up a clear goal
    A clear communication goal provides understandable directions that increase the confidence and productivity of the receiver. To communicate better, create your agenda, set a time frame for your communication, and choose a tool for it (meetings, emails, or webinars). In such a way, you’ll be able to measure whether the issue has been resolved and whether other steps are needed.
  • Choose tools and channels
    The communication channel you use is critical and needs to be efficient, easy to use, and encourage collaboration. Weight up all the channels available (in-person meetings or remote, non-verbal or written) and choose the most effective one depending on who you’re communicating with.
  • Be clear
    At any stage of work, communicate in a clear way. Don’t write like a robot or clerk! Use language that is easy to understand. Unclear communication may lead to multiple interpretations, resulting in productivity and profit loss.
  • Look into feedback
    Part of effective communication is monitoring feedback and working on the message. Complaints and suggestions provide valuable insights that help shape effective strategies and improve working procedures. Also, use alternative ways of receiving feedback: not only emails or calls. Consider using survey feedback and pivotal communications.
  • Use project software for communication
    Luckily, nowadays, technology can improve your business communication. There are plenty of tools to use for team collaboration. One of them is Jira: it is a great resource that can help you build your roadmaps with various features in it. In short, a product roadmap illustrates your team’s strategic vision for the relevant stakeholders. The Jira scrum board is beneficial for teams as it visually displays the progress of projects during the development cycle.

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