1. FORTRAN. The programming language, which was invented by IBM and became the father of all programming languages many years ago, now is almost dead for IT industry. But it is still used among spacecraft society.
  2. Cold Fusion. Adobe bought CF. Then there was a severe battle between Cold Fusion and PHP, but Cold Fusion lost it. Nowadays PHP is one of the mature programming languages supported by a large and active community.
  3. Perl. The symbol of Perl is a camel, who performs really hard work. But PHP is represented by an elephant, who is almost the biggest one. Thus, over the years, the elephant swallowed up a camel. It is the law of nature.
  4. VBScript. Visual Basic Scripting had been popular until it has been replaced by JavaScript. JavaScript is more flexible to work with and can run nearly everywhere, whereas VBScript was used only more often on Microsoft sites.
  5. Objective-C. The programming language, which was widely used by Apple Corporation earlier, is almost coming to its end and being replaced by Swift. Swift reduces the amount of work needed and has better protection.


  1. JavaScript. The most used programming language #1, which must be a part of any software engineer’s skillset. This is a common fact that Belarus has the best JavaScript school. If you need JS software engineers, it will be reasonable to choose Belarusian ones.
  2. Java. The most popular primary programming language, which has its own relevant motto: “Write once, Run anywhere.” Java is used to create cross-platform apps and that’s why Java has a priority over other languages.
  3. Python. Python is all about Machine Learning, development of AI-driven products and Blockchain-based apps. It is super powerful among software engineers, as it deals with a wide range of tasks, including web development, data science, game development, and analyzing data.
  4. PHP. The popular server side scripting language, that is universal for creating websites. Such excellent online businesses as Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Flickr use PHP, because it has faster data processing features and is adaptable to all operating systems like Windows, UNIX.
  5. Angular. This is JavaScript framework and Google product. Its design has a particular coding style. Angular allows developers to work separately on the same app section using the same set of data structure. It saves time, makes a development process easier and minimizes risks of possible errors.



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