Questions to ask when hiring a software development company for a mobile project

What platform to choose for mobile project development?

Can you create a design for a mobile app?

Where can I find examples of mobile apps you’ve developed?

What kind of special features can you create?

  • Our clients often ask how do we solve security issues (especially for mobile applications with payment options).
  • In case you have a video streaming platform broadcasting to a large audience, a special feature can be interaction with users in live-chats, sharing in social media.
  • For the retail sector, we can add functionality for location determination by iBeacons, on the basis of which the user receives advertising.
  • Apps a la Uber should have features for location determination, the possibility of ordering / booking, payment through the application. AI-driven matchmaking of objects with users under certain criteria can also be implemented.

How will you test my app?

Will you submit my mobile app to app stores?

  1. It can give the source code to the client and he will publish the app in stores;
  2. Or the development company can do it itself, but it will cost extra efforts as it takes several hours.

Will you maintain my app post-launch?

  • Fix bugs;
  • Add new features and functionality;
  • Maintenance.
  • The cost per each new release;
  • How they handle bug fixes;
  • The attentiveness and reliability of their post-launch support.



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