Simple steps to strong cooperation: how to start working with us

Businesses that have no experience cooperating with IT outsourcing companies often hesitate in choosing a software development partner for their project. Cooperation with Exposit is easy and reliable: we’ve prepared detailed guidance on how to start working with us.

First of all, you should send your request via e-mail or our website contact form and share your questions, project idea or project requirements. You can also add information about the technical specification, schedule (if it is needed) or the number of engineers with the required skills for enhancing your team. This information will help us to process your request faster and connect you with a relevant manager. Usually, we contact our clients back within a few hours.

Depending on your request, we can offer you the development services basing on different cooperation models offered by Exposit:

  • Project Development
    The ideal cooperation model for developing a project from scratch or completing an existing one. You can choose between Fixed Price or Time & Material as part of Project Development. In this cooperation model, we are responsible for the full range of services and activities, teamwork coordination and product compliance with requirements.
  • Well-balanced Team Lineup
    A great choice for integrating specific specialists that will be fully concentrated only on your project. In this case, our developers are managed from your side.

If you are not sure what suits your project better, our managers will explain everything to you in detail and help you to choose the most profitable option for your business.

The next step involves discussing options with stakeholders and can vary depending on the cooperation model:

  • If you choose Project Development, you will get a project estimation that can include a plan of activities, budget and timeline. The evaluation of the project is usually carried out within 1–4 working days after the complete information has been provided. It is a great way to see how the development process will look like and clarify details according to your needs. You can discuss different ways of implementation with the engineering team and stakeholders to find the ideal solution meeting your needs.
  • If you already have a development team and want to build Well-balanced Team Lineup for your project, we will offer you the most relevant specialists based on your expectations of skills and seniority level. Usually, our clients indicate requirements for specialists in advance. You will be able to conduct a technical interview and study the CVs to ensure the competence of our engineers and make an informed decision for your project.

When the requirements are agreed upon, we should sign an agreement governing terms of cooperation and development. We work according to GDPR standards and ensure your information security: we never share information about our clients or use it as references without getting their explicit approval in advance. If you need, you can additionally sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement that legally requires us to hold all of your business information in the strictest confidence.

Here you are! Your development will be started within the terms specified in the contract (delayed start is also available upon mutual agreement). Our Process Automation software allows you to effectively communicate with the team as well as specify, discuss and control tasks, operate with process status and store all related information in a centralized way.

Exposit is a reliable IT solutions provider with more than 8 years of proven experience delivering quality software projects: you can find our clients’ reviews on Clutch. Working using any model of cooperation we guarantee high development speed, quality code and fulfillment of all obligations according to the contract signed. If you have additional questions on cooperation with us or you are ready to start, we would like to hear from you.



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