Software development and visualization using Unity HDRP

What is Unity HDRP?

What are the Benefits of Using HDRP?

  • High-quality visuals
    HDRP is able to ensure high-quality products from the very beginning of the development process. It gives you the opportunity to implement all your creative ideas and quickly get the desired result.
  • Realistic lighting
    Unity HDRP provides all the necessary tools to make the lighting unified and coherent. It means that the visual part of your product will reflect the parameters of the real world, which, in turn, will heighten user interest in your product.
  • Various effects
    HDRP allows you to use Shader Graph and Visual Effect Graph tools that help you easily author shaders by building them visually and create beautiful visual effects.
    This functionality allows you to increase the involvement of customers in the created context and give them an unforgettable experience of using the product.

The VR reconstruction of the synagogue using Unity HDRP

The Great Synagogue of Slonim

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