Solution provider vs Service provider: whom to entrust your IT project

Solution provider vs service provider

What services does a traditional outsourcing company provide?

  • Technology — the essence of outsourcing companies is that they provide dedicated teams of specialists matching the client’s technology stack;
  • Domain — understand the domain an outsourcing company works in. It may be a business or technology one;
  • Attrition — find out how the outsourcing company retains its clients;
  • References & Testimonials — have a look at the company’s references or testimonials the company worked with;
  • Troubleshooting — see the examples of how an outsourcing company solved clients’ problems raised during various processes;
  • Team & Management — consult the certification of the team and certification standards of the company.

How to read a solution provider?

  • Business/technical domain — business-oriented or technical-oriented domains of the company are to be stated clearly;
  • Level of the team — the members of the team are highly skilled, due to the experience gained on other similar projects;
  • Certifications — the skills of the team are guaranteed by certification;
  • Business cases — pay attention to how a provider solved clients’ business needs;
  • Star clients/personal references — star clients raise the prestige of the company.

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