The secret life of our Mobile Developers

3 min readJun 27, 2019

What do you know about mobile developers? Recently we have also found out some interesting anonymous facts about Exposit mobile engineers:

  • one of our mobile developers wanted to become a priest;
  • one of our mobile developers has changed 5 schools;
  • one of our mobile developers is afraid of electricity.

We have caught three of Exposit mobile developers and asked them to tell about their path to mobile development. Their stories will prove that a software developer’s life doesn’t consist only of coding, bug fixing and sleepless nights. Can you guess who of them is described with the facts above?

Valery, Senior Mobile Application Developer

Valery started to gain his IT working experience after he graduated Software Engineering speciality at Yanka Kupala State University. He started as 1C developer, but finally came to Android apps development. Valery had no dream to become a programmer, but now he works at Exposit and continuously grows and creates competitive apps.

Valery devotes free time to the beloved family. He has shared that he treats village where he spent every summer in the childhood with respect and awe. He grew up but still visits it every summer for at least two weeks. An Android application Quizio is a Valery’s brainchild.

Valery is planning to become more and more skilful specialist and learn new technologies. “Who came the first, turns on air conditioning” — answered Valery about traditions of their Mobile department.

Anton, Senior iOS Developer

When Anton was a child he didn’t have any considerations about his future job. He started the career with learning Java and Android. Training courses brought him to Exposit where he began to learn iOS technologies. Today Anton prefers to develop iOS applications rather than Android.

Anton likes sport and active leisure like hikes, swimming, canoes and so on. Camping is his favorite way to get away from coding and recharge. Usually he spent near the lake or in forest the whole weekend. Anton wants to achieve a position of Mobile Team Lead and keeps on improving his software skills.

Andrew, Unity Developer

Andrew is a person passionate about games software development. He has been wanting to tie his life to games since childhood. The first step towards his dream he made in the 9th form, when he developed his first game. Later he worked as an operator in the information and analytical center where he was engaged in websites development and support. When Andrew came to Exposit, he went back to games development.

Andrew is an avid collector of comics that make him inspired. His shelves are full of various comic books he has read. As a passionate game developer, Andrew also creates his own games and plays different games on the consoles in his spare time.

Unity developer tells that his favorite tradition of the mobile department is watching South Park together while eating a pizza for a lunch. Andrew shares that he was pleasantly surprised to work next to Belarusian speaking developer. In the nearest future Andrew is planning to develop more, more and even more games.

If you want to learn more about how Exposit people get into IT, read article about their personal stories.

We think that different interests and hobbies exactly help our mobile developers create marketable and useful mobile products considering all specific needs. If you want to get acquainted with our mobile developers and get quality mobile application that suits your business, feel free to contact us.




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