Video Conferencing: does it make sense to create a custom solution if we have Zoom

The interest in video conferencing applications is related to the global lockdown: according to a report published by Research and Markets, in March 2020, video conferencing apps saw a record of 62 million downloads. Today video conferencing is used in Healthcare, Education, and business to stay connected, flexible, and productive in uncertain times.

Depending on your needs, you can choose a ready-made video conferencing solution to stay connected, even if you are in different cities and countries. One of the most popular off-the-shelf software is Zoom: the software program became the most downloaded app in 2020, with 477 million downloads worldwide.

The success of Zoom comes from its advantage in having the highest maximum participant capacity: the application allows users to interact with 1000 people at the same time. Zoom also ensures high-quality calls and provides a user-friendly interface.

However, Zoom remains a heavy-resource application that is not providing a complete set of features on Free Plan. So, what if you need something more?

4 advantages of custom video conferencing solutions

Custom media streaming solutions are created from scratch and are based on the needs and requirements of your business. This approach generates favorable conditions for communication and effectively streamlines your conferencing procedures. Let’s take a look at the benefits of choosing tailor-made video conferencing solutions.

  • Adapted Functionality
    The custom video conferencing platform is created based on your goals and preferences: you will not pay for redundant features that you are not going to use. Thus, when developing your own media streaming application, you will get a solution that perfectly meets your needs and business expectations. This approach will help to increase the efficiency of collaboration and significantly improve business results.
  • Improved Security
    With the help of tailor-made video conferencing solutions, you can provide your employees and clients with a more trusted experience. You can equip your app with additional security methods to guarantee the protection of data and the lack of information loss.
  • Enhanced quality
    Unstable network conditions can create difficulties in conducting video conferences. By developing your own video application, you can provide the best streaming conditions for each participant. For example, a custom system can monitor the current network environment and optimize its bandwidth to ensure maximum sound and video quality.
  • Increased integration
    There are several ways to integrate with custom video conferencing solutions. For example, to simplify and speed up the process of using the application, the system can be integrated into a ready-made solution, or you can use direct links to join a call.

Why do you need custom video conferencing solutions?

Today, online communication is an important aspect of running a business in any industry. Developing a custom video conferencing solution takes more time and requires more funds than using ready-made solutions, such as Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, and others. However, tailor-made systems allow you to create a well-thought-out user interface and establish the right infrastructure focused on your business needs.

The Exposit team is always ready to create powerful video streaming systems that enable you to broadcast live & on-demand media content taking into account your specific business workflow. Contact us to discuss your software idea in detail and determine the best technical solution for your business.



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IT solutions company delivering custom web & mobile software.