What are the types of web applications?

Static Web Application

Dynamic Web Application

  • Online store or e-commerce
    Every year online sales market increases by more than 20%, so if you are planning to port your store to Web, you should pay your attention on this type. E-commerce includes not only e-shops, but also booking systems. It allows you to go through suggested items, choose, order or buy them online.
  • Portal web app
    Portal web apps allow users access to various categories through the main home page. You could use ability to create your personal profile, forums to publish content, chats, access to e-mail and financial transactions.
  • Animated web app
    Such an application is built usually using Flash technology. It represents a content with different visual animated effects. As a backward here you can find problems with SEO and web positioning, so it would be not effective for start-ups and growing businesses.



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