What drives IT company: marketing, sales or engineering?

2 min readApr 16, 2019


IT companies vary from product-based to service-based ones providing own products for the end users or B2B services and products respectively. IT outsourcing is on the rise as it helps businesses worldwide save money and gives leads outstaffing opportunities.

Well, whatever an IT company is, it needs permanent improvement. Everyday different departments work hard to bring new connections and projects, achieve strategic goals.

What drives IT company most: marketing, sales or engineering?

Marketing increases recognizability of IT company’s brand by its potential and current clients. The way company presents its brand and information about services impacts on business development and number of customer’s requests. Companies with strong defined brand are more likely to cooperate.

Marketing managers provide primary two-way communication through lead generation and digital marketing campaigns. But Marketing department doesn’t only produce content focused on company’s activities. Target audience analysis, market research, competitive analysis help to provide the most relevant information and attract potential leads. It helps Business Development managers find the most profitable and interesting project for a development team.

Business Development managers are responsible for making you feel comfortable and engaged during cooperation. They know software development process from within that helps them to manage customer needs easily. If you have never worked with outsourcing before they will navigate you through the work process. Sales managers provide clients with required information about services, technologies and cooperation models. They choose the most relevant engineers to meet the needs and requirements of software projects. The way sales managers communicate impacts on the final customer decision. When the commercial agreement is signed, project is transferred to production.

Engineering team consists of people without whom there would be no IT industry. Their expertise makes it possible to transform customer’s ideas into software solutions. Designers work on UI & UX design and prototyping to make IT product user-friendly and attractive. Backend, Frontend, Fullstack and Mobile software engineers translate ideas and requirements into custom software. QA Engineers provide manual and automation testing to ensure high quality of the final result. When you entrust your project to software development company with a full range of services in-house you get the most quality result. Engineers’ knowledge of programming languages, testing tools, different techniques and approaches helps other departments to solve disputable situations and reach audience with the right message.

All departments of IT company should work in conjunction as they depend on each other. BDM managers give engineers opportunity to work on profitable projects while engineers make the selling product qualitative and hi-tech. Engagement of every member of the team drives IT company to grow and deliver stable and profitable products. If you want to make a step forward outstanding software product, feel free to contact us.




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