What to do if MVP failed: step-by-step guide

MVP is designed to test software ideas in action. Still, it should be quality and packaged enough to get users’ attention. And if it covers user needs in the easiest and most effective way, MVP can develop into a marketable fully-featured platform.

MVP development has a number of risks including product, customer and market risks. If you have faced a failure caused by these risks you have probably dismissed one of the important components — “minimum”, “viable” or “product”.

What things do you need to consider if your MVP failed?

  • Revise project goals
    MVP types are distinguished by the goal: marketing, performance or functionality. Marketing type is designed to test the market and audience. If you focus on performance, your main goal is to test UI and UX design and understand its effectiveness. Functional MVP is made to check whether the prioritization of the features is right and does your product solve the initial problem. Remember that MVP should help your customers to achieve their goals using your product.

Failure of your MVP doesn’t mean that your project has no future. Remember that the main MVP purpose is testing the idea. So, use the failure of MVP as a learning tool to understand what can be done differently. If you want to make a quality MVP from scratch, Exposit engineers are always ready to help.



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