Where media streaming software is used and how can we improve it?

  • Entertainment
    The perfect example is Netflix or Hulu giving an easy access to your favorite TV Shows and films. Spotify transforms the way of enjoying the music. Media streaming has upgraded entertainment. Now you don’t have to wait a determined time to watch the film or favorite TV-show anymore. Enjoy it whenever and wherever you want.
  • Education
    Media streaming capabilities influence the learning process. Educational institutions use streaming for related courses as TV production or Media practice. It is also convenient for speakers from different locations to hold lectures.
  • Closed commercial streams
    Media streaming is effective for new product presentations, showing demos or conducting interviews. It is also an easy and interactive solution for Q&A session with customers. It is secure, saves your time, allows receiving feedback in real time and enhances productivity.
  • Social media
    Live video streaming is a primary trend in social networking. 80% of customers would prefer watching live videos rather than other content types.
  • Sport & Healthcare
    If you are a sports fan you can enjoy the online broadcasts of football/hockey/etc. matches or world significant competitions. Media streaming is also popular around people who are in love with fitness and workouts. You can enjoy real-time trainings wherever you are. Special media streaming platforms allow you to make online appointments with doctors.
  • Cybersport
    Media streaming development helped cybersport industry to expand the audience of online game translation lovers. Today they can enjoy online games hackathons, cybersport competitions and thematic discussions.
  • Quality and Bandwidth limitations
    67% of viewers consider video quality as the most important factor. Delivering high quality video on all device types is the greatest challenge. Streaming capabilities development can lead to bandwidth crunch. That is why the newer HEVC, VP9, and AV1 codecs are critically important, since they can compress to half of H.264 AVC.
  • Latency
    High quality and a big amount of data lead to latency. The situation when video drops out of present moment became obvious for many users. Solution lies in using multi-CDN (Content Delivery Network) issues that can guarantee 100% uptime (if one CDN provider has downtime issues, you use another one).
  • User expectations
    Better conditions for users lead to their higher expectations. Audience expects from you only apposite media content. To avoid misunderstanding and deliver relevant information to your target audience you should know it well. Read how broadcasting can help you stream to social to find more.
  • Security
    Another challenge is to make your stream safe. Security breaches can make streaming vulnerable to cybersecurity problems. Don’t let your streaming channels be accessed by unauthorized users and use encrypted video streaming to secure your files.



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