Who is a business analyst and what does he do in a software project?

Who is a business analyst and what does he do?

  • collection of requirements,
  • requirements analysis,
  • documenting and approving of requirements,
  • requirements management during the project.

What projects does a business analyst take part in?

  • First case: a customer has an idea and no requirements or documentation for project development. Here BA helps the client to structure the idea, describe a possible solution. Then he transfers requirements / decomposition to developers for and evaluation. Developers set the necessary time to perform certain tasks. After that, the evaluation of the project is given to the customer for an approval. After confirming the evaluation and signing an agreement / NDA, IT company develops software for the customer according to the requirements.
  • The second case: customer has a technical task with specific requirements for the project. Here a business analyst examines the technical task, limitations of the project and describes all the functionality of the platform. Then BA passes it to the developers for an evaluation. Further, all the same activities as in the first case.

At what stages of the project does a business analyst participate?



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